Captive Solutions

Adding confidence to captive insurance

Self-insuring through captives is an established and cost-effective way of protecting your assets. However, it's fair to say that property, casualty and marine captives all carry a considerable amount of risk. Our innovative captive solution provides custom-made protection to cover your losses.

We optimise self-insurance by transferring risk to provide capacity and liquidity. Captive insurance is cost-effective, but can pose the risk of potential insolvency under certain circumstances. Through our multi-year, multi-line aggregated stop-loss, you'll have the necessary capacity and liquidity for your captive.

We have the expertise to tailor captive protection to meet changing needs. Our underwriting skills enable us to provide adjustable retentions and capacity. Our captive protection cover will always respond to your underlying risk position, risk appetite and financial strength.

We're a reliable partner with considerable capacity and resources. As part of Swiss Re, we can offer among the highest capacity in the market. We also pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions for every client. Just as importantly, we take pride in the efficiency, transparency and fairness of our claims processes.