Climate Change and Parametric Protection in Latin America

A recent webinar examines the risk landscape of Latin America

The risks from climate change are becoming visible. Weather extremes are exacerbated by the warming planet and putting more people and assets in harm's way. That's because we live, build and work in the areas most at risk: cities and towns along the coast, near rivers, forests, mountains or wildland.

In our recent webinar, we discussed how climate change is shaping the risk landscape of Latin America. We looked at vulnerabilities and protection gaps for corporations and government entities. And examined ways that parametric insurance (specifically solutions for hurricanes and earthquakes) can help fill those gaps to make us more resilient.

During the webinar, we mentioned a recently published Swiss Re Institute research on the Economics of Climate Change. The Climate Economics Index stress-tests how climate risks will impact 48 countries representing 90% of the world economy and ranks their overall climate resilience. It shows all countries will be affected, but some are more vulnerable than others. Explore the interactive map tool to see how Latin American countries stack up and download the research

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