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During a time of concern in the Australian markets, both regulatory and class-action environments have changed dramatically over the years…is panic the right word? If we aren't prepared for the current environment it certainly is a time for controlled panic…

A two-part webinar series not worth missing out on, that's certain! Join us for another information packed series where you will be taken on a journey into the corporate governance world. Steve hosts a discussion with one of Australia’s leading class action, corporate regulatory and product liability specialists, Jason Betts a Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills and is also joined by one of our very own leading authorities on underwriting and strategic leadership of liability insurance across Asia Pacific, Jeremy Scott-Mackenzie, Head Casualty & Fin Pro ANZ at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

The two sessions covered:

  • What was happening before COVID-19 and how did we get here? The regulatory and class action markets were busy prior to the pandemic in the continuous disclosure space – what has been going on in those markets over the last 3-4 months?

The speakers touch on the Hayne Royal Commission, ALRC and VLRC reports, other D&O market changes;

  • What has the impact during COVID-19 been? Jason notes "One thing that characterises a time like this is the inability to predict the future is in itself a defense to companies who may be challenged about the adequacies of their disclosures".

What about the current parliamentary committee into litigation funding and class actions? What about legislative reprieve and hearings continuing?;

  • What will happen "post" COVID-19? Looking beyond…

What will the regulators do, what will happen when the legislative reprieve lapses? What will happen with contingency fees and what will the new trends be?;

  • How to prepare "post" COVID-19? Now that is the big question!

Are there ways to prevent class action litigation – can a company makes themselves "class action proof"?

"COVID-19 – Is it the Canary in the coal mine of corporate governance or have we actually got a future we can look forward to with a little positivity?"

The webinars were hosted by Stephen Higginson, Head of Customer & Distribution for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, who was joined by specialists and experts:

  • Jason Betts – Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Jeremy Scott-Mackenzie – Head Casualty & FinPro ANZ, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

You can watch the recordings here:

Part 1
Part 2