Engineering & Construction

Working together to build engineering and construction solutions

Engineering and construction projects can be affected by all sorts of perils, from the collapse of a structure to a fire or natural catastrophe. Insuring against these and other risks can be a complex and expensive business. That's why we take a holistic approach to such projects. We stay involved throughout the entire project life cycle, from planning to construction to operation. We'll also work to identify gaps and overlaps in your cover so you have comprehensive, cost-effective protection.

We perceive risks in the same way that you do. The vast majority of our underwriters have engineering degrees from all disciplines with commensurate experience for most projects. This means that we speak your language, and get to the heart of the matter more quickly. Just as importantly, we're not just behind you, we're often onsite too. We also have our access to Swiss Re's technical know-how and understanding of exposures, with more than 150 years of experience and expertise.

We have the financial strength to protect any project. Crucially, we have the financial strength and S & P 'AA-' rating of Swiss Re in our corner. This ensures that we have the capacity and the reliability to be involved with any project, anywhere in the world. We also take the long view, having the ability to offer continuity, underwriting major risks over multiple years.

We make doing business easy, anywhere in the world. That's because we have experienced people in approximately 40 offices worldwide. We're also committed to expediting every claim, ensuring the resilience of your business and mitigating cash flow volatility.

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