Parametric Water-level Insurance

FLOW is an index-based water-level insurance, customised for companies with revenues and costs exposed to rivers' high or low water levels in Europe.

How it works 

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' experts structure an index formula which references to measured water levels at defined river gauges. The customised index approximates the client's water level exposure regarding revenues and costs as close to the reality as possible. 


Each FLOW contract is customised to the individual water level exposure of the client. The payout is a fixed amount, e.g. per day the index remains beyond the defined threshold value. The payout amounts are determined by looking at a number of factors, including but not limited to: 

  • Loss of revenue due to business interruption
  • Increased cost of operation
  • Extra expenses to mitigate the situation or to establish alternatives
  • Expenses not covered by traditional insurance policies, if any


up to three years


up to USD 50m


within 21 days of triggered coverage


written confirmation by the policy holder of a loss sustained 

Learn more about FLOW in the 2019 Swiss Re annual report.

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