How can PULSE support you?

Find out if our technology platform is the best solution for you

Efficiency gains

A centralised and integrated platform that streamlines and automates the process, saving you time, money and effort.

  • PULSE – our innovative and leading-edge international program administration platform enables easy management and processing including program structuring, exposure management and quoting  
  • Comprehensive financial management capabilities increase transparency and control 
  • Single point of contact simplifies management of risk transfer through the network
  • PULSE offers improved integrations and interfaces between various functions which reduces manual data handling, ensuring policies are right the first time

Compliant coverage

Optimising the handling of exposure and risk information. Ensuring clear and regularly updated information, with increased accuracy, so you can be confident of reliable and compliant coverage. 

  • Global Network team has regional focus, experience and expertise providing full understanding of the local markets 
  • ONE Form solution enables alignment between master and local policies and reduces coverage gaps  
  • A reliable network that leverages Swiss Re relationships as a reinsurer, ensuring we pick the right carriers and deepen partnerships 
  • A compliance tool to ensure reliable coverage with less errors 
  • Our country information platform facilitates understanding of local requirements, capabilities and restrictions  

Increased transparency & control

Real time information in a standardised and user-friendly interface enables end to end progress tracking of your quotes, policies and cash movements for invoicing and claims.

  • Real time actionable insights through PULSE customer and broker portal 
  • NATCAT functionality supports risk management and analysis by providing alerts and updates for current events that may impact your organization, and straightforward presentation of potential hazards  
  • Access to experts to support with practical insights, policy structuring and implementable solutions
  • Ability to input customer's own data ensures consistency within the tool 
  • Dedicated International Financial Management function that oversees money movement across the network 
  • Push notifications provide you with important updates on key activities and events

Improved customer service

All program details and communications are captured within our PULSE platform, enabling a single comprehensive view from a customer perspective and higher quality delivery of policy, premium, risk engineering and claims services.

  • 150+ countries with a mix of Swiss Re offices and selected partners
  • Knowledge database to draw on to better service your customers 
  • Customer management functionality 
  • Issuing policies quickly - 45 days as standard 
  • Award winning claims process 
  • Dedicated claims manager – with access to local expertise 
  • KPIs to track and measure our claims commitments

Innovative products and services

Through our state-of-the-art platform and innovative services, we provide key stakeholders the tools to best manage their risks, broadening access to, and transforming the International Program market.

  • Access to new innovative products
  • Improved customer retention as can keep servicing customers as they scale up international operations
  • Connects with Innovative Risk Services to increase flexibility in coverage options