International business

Protecting your business around the world

We offer much more than strong financial ratings and a reputable brand. We aim to add value every step of the way, from better understanding your shifting global risk exposures to servicing your claims around the world.

​Deep insights into your current and future global risks. Our extensive risk knowledge, innovative risk engineering tools and loss prevention expertise helps to protect your company against a wide range of risks wherever you do business.

Meaningful protection for your balance sheet. Our renowned underwriting expertise, broad range of traditional and innovative risk transfer solutions and significant capacity help us to protect your business as you expand and trade globally.

Ambitious service standards and industry-leading claims service. We listen to you to understand your needs and global exposure, and structure your international programme accordingly. Our legal and compliance experts manage adherence to local regulatory and tax requirements while our underwriters work alongside our dedicated, experienced international business teams to provide consistent, proactive communication and service. Additionally, our claims commitment means you can expect a claims process that is transparent and customer-focused.

Our international programme solutions are currently available for companies headquartered in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the US and the UK.