Service excellence

Responsive. Reliable. Results-focused.

It's not just our knowledge, expertise and "what" we do that matters – but also "how" we do it. We listened to customers and brokers, and built our bespoke IT systems, business functions and processes from the ground up to deliver the service you expect around the world.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' five pillars of service excellence:

1. International program excellence

Providing expert advice directly to customers and brokers focused on compliance, coordination and control.

2. Financial management

Controlling and reporting on premium and claims flows around the world.

3. Network management

Maximising territorial coverage through a robust, well-managed network of local offices, leveraging our long-standing partnerships around the world.

4. Highly talented people and superior processes

Experienced people have designed superior processes and are committed to building a best in class proposition.

5. Global Platforms. Simplifying Data, Work and Information Flow

Our lack of IT legacy is a key advantage and allowed us to build a specialised technology platform to manage the complexity of international programs. Its features at a glance:


PULSE portal– Risk management at your fingertips


ONE Form

Award-winning property and business interruption coverage, consistent around the globe