Surety North America

Your preferred resource for surety bonds in North America

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Surety North America is the primary distributer of surety bonds for Swiss Re in North America, providing services in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, all U.S. Territories and Canada. Since 1984, our highly skilled and experienced team has been underwriting all major categories in contract and commercial surety.

Leveraging the Swiss Re Group's diversified portfolio, financial strength and underwriting expertise, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Surety North America is able to comfortably serve our market niches. We are proud to do so by appointing a limited agency distribution system, which includes agents and brokers who specialize in the delivery of surety products.

We offer world-class service in providing our surety products to professional surety agents and brokers who are committed to our mutual success. We maintain a leadership role in the surety industry by working closely with our professional surety agents, brokers and customers to evolve with the marketplace. In doing so, we have enjoyed consistent results and have lived up to our mission from inception.

Have a look at our Surety products by division

Contract Surety

Our Contract Surety team provides construction bond products to brokers and independent agents and their contractor customers. Since 1984, our highly-skilled and experienced team has specialized in bonding General Contractors, Heavy Highway & Civil, Subcontractors and Specialty trades. Our capabilities include centrally located branches nationwide and a common-sense underwriting approach allowing us to remain consistent during inevitable market cycles, as well as our 'Field Up' underwriting structure placing significant authority in branch offices for quick turnaround and emphasis on local knowledge and relationships.

Commercial Surety

Our Commercial Surety team provides commercial and contract surety bonds for non-construction entities through brokers and independent agents targeting everything from bonds for individuals, small accounts to large multinational programs. We write business domestically and assist you with international bond placements. Our capabilities include significant capacity when it is needed for your large accounts, and a network of selected surety agents and brokers allowing us to foster strong relationships, as well as an international presence with offices and local partners around the globe including in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia.

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